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The EmpACT  Circle

3-month Leadership Cohort to Level Up Your Executive Intelligence


Welcome to the  Circle

You have a clear vision of the leader you aspire to be. In fact, your recent company growth has shown you that you know how to be successful at whatever you pursue. You feel like you're performing operating at an optimal level, but you know there's another level you can reach through motivating the team around you. 

You have the vision and goals set. Yet, you know you need a plan to effectively communicate them to your team and establish a path towards accountability, collaboration, and producing results.  

The empACT Circle is a 3-month cohort designed to provide the tools and coaching you've been seeking to enhance your ability to build and maintain trust with your team, influence action, manage the difficult conversations, and remove barriers to personal and team success. 

Your 3-Month empACT Plan 


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