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Lead with 

Challenge the status quo and redefine your leadership in this  mastermind that blends coaching, communication mastery, and powerful strategies to help you lead with empathy and authenticity.

Unleash the 


You're a leader longing to create a workplace where your team thrives. And, you know you can elevate your leadership by cultivating deeper connections, fostering collaboration, and influencing your teams, peers, and other leaders to accomplish the extraordinary.

Lead with (emp)ACT is a game-changing opportunity for you to gain valuable insights, receive expert guidance, and connect with a supportive community of leaders just like you. Over the course of three months, you'll embark on a transformative journey that will equip you with the tools and strategies to lead with confidence, impact, and authenticity.

New Cohort Begins September 2023

Let me guess...

You have:
an amazing company.
rockstar employees & 
a clear vision for your team're still missing that one thing that will take y'all from good to great. 

What if you could:

Discover strategies to build authentic connections with your team members, foster trust, and inspire them to achieve their full potential

Develop the skills to navigate challenging conversations, overcome collaboration barriers, and promote open and honest communication within your team

Enhance your communication skills, enabling you to effectively convey your message to stakeholders.


Learn to influence and persuade others to support your vision and initiatives.

Explore your values, beliefs, and leadership approach, aligning them authentically.


Develop the confidence to make sound decisions, lead with conviction, and inspire trust and loyalty within your team.

If this sounds like you, your extraordinary leadership journey starts right here, right now! Let's unlock your leadership potential, unleash your passion, and make a lasting impact.

Biweekly Cohort Conversations
Biweekly Group Coaching Sessions
1 individual Coaching Session
1 Leader
SHIFT talk with an
Executive or C-Suite Leader

over 13 hours of monthly instruction and coaching!!!
PLUS: Access to the Lead with (emp)ACT Toolkit

an additional $2000 value

program experience
every month, you get access to:  

Flexible Plan: 


6 Monthly

installments of 


Pay In Full:


SAVE over $500 off 

installment price


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