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(v.) facilitated identification and development of new patterns of thinking and behavior via an intensive group or individual session.

At the heart of my approach is (emp)ACT, a transformative methodology designed to support the emerging, senior, and C-suite leader's transformation as a visionary and influential leader.


(emp)athy: Deepen your lens of empathy by exploring your leadership style, challenges, and aspirations -  and those of your team and peers -  in a safe and supportive space.


Accountability: I guide my clients in setting goals, taking ownership of their development, and holding themselves to high standards.


Connection: Identify how to foster trust, collaboration, and a sense of belonging, allowing you to thrive within your team and organization.


Finally, experience true transformation by developing new perspectives and strategies that create sustainable relationships that generate results. 


Begin your journey self-discovery and empowerment today by scheduling a call :


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