“It took me years to understand how critical creating connections was to managing my communication, my leadership, and my relationships.” 

I don’t want it to take as long for you.”



Hey there - I’m Tracy Reneé Williams, CEO of LDC Concepts, where we help you unlock the magic of emotional intelligence and power of communication.

It took me years to understand how critical self-awareness and awareness of others were to igniting the power in my communication. I struggled with listening the right way, providing the right feedback, and connecting with others at a deeper level. 

I didn’t see how our differences could be used for mutual understanding, stronger relationships, and better outcomes. 

That changed when I unlocked my eQ Genius and learned:

  • the difference in my communication preferences vs. others

  • that adapting how I communicate with others doesn’t alter my DNA

  • significant change can happen when you build deeper connections 


Once I unlocked this within myself, I realized that unleashing this power in others could drastically impact the way we lead, love, and live. 

Today, I share my experiences and tools on how to unleash and leverage the eQ genius that resides in you so you can be the leader, partner, employee, and friend you have the power to be and always wanted others to be for you.