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EQ Strategist




'Let's table this conversation' or

'We'll circle back on this next week'

If either of those phrases made you cringe, you've probably tabled or circled for the last time. 

Meetings, strategy sessions, and retreats don't have to end with no resolution. You can make the decisions you need to move forward and reach your goals. 

I leverage emotionally intelligent communication strategies that elevate your discussions and facilitate individual and team progess.

Let's chat about how I can remove the frustration of conversations that lead to nowhere:




Marshall Goldsmith says it best:


‘What got you here, won’t get you there.’


But, I've developed a methodology that will take you where you want (+ need) to be as a leader.


It’s not just the title that transforms you, it’s your ability to connect + communicate with peers, employees, and your leaders that will allow you to be of influence and get the results you're looking for. 

Let's chat about how I help you (+ your team) progress from 'here' to 'there':





I help leaders embrace the humanity of work.

It took me years to understand how crucial self-awareness and the awareness of others were to igniting the power of leading with impact and influence. I struggled with listening the right way, providing the right feedback, and connecting with others at a deeper level.


I didn’t see how differences could be used for mutual understanding, stronger relationships, and better outcomes.


Once I unlocked this power through deepening my own awareness, everything changed. I realized that unleashing this power in others could drastically impact the way we lead and influence those around us.


For nearly two decades, I've worked as a coach, speaker, and facilitator - working with leaders like you to push past your comfort zones, and level up your leadership through emotional intelligence and effective communication mastery.

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